Sports activities

The direct surrounding of Wellness Hotel DIANA Velké Losiny encourages sports activities. In summer, visitors can use the hotel tennis courts or play football or volleyball. Lovers of cycling can rent a bike in our hotel and go biking across the “Witches” bike paths. You can play petanque, a popular parlor game at the outdoor pergola. There is a indoor or outdoor playground for children.

Modern equipped gym and fitness center with equipment to strengthen the arms, legs and back. Squash is a game for two players similar to ricochet. It is played in a closed court with special rackets and balls for squash. You can stretch your body with exercises on balls under the supervision of professional staff. You can play table tennis, or use trampoline and hayrack in the fitness center. Our daily wellness bar with offers refreshing drinks.


  • fitness, gym
  • squash
  • table tennis
  • trampoline, wall
  • 2 playgrounds for children
  • daily wellness bar
  • tennis courts
  • football pitch
  • outdoor playground
  • bike rental

Pricelist 2024 / Prices per person in EUR

  Hotel guests
Public Time
Fitness free entry 6 90 min.
Squash free entry 8 60 min.
Tennis, football, volleyball free entry 6 60 min.
Pétanque 4 4 60 min.
Bike rental





4 hours

1 day


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