Offer of treatments

Experience the true relaxation. Would you like to enjoy quality care and rest, but you do not know which massage or baths to choose? Choose from massages or baths with soothing and relaxing effects.

Discover the power and joy of traditional Javanese massages developed over centuries within the Indonesian culture. Javanese massages provide a superior level of service and are made by certified Javanese therapists.

Pricelist 2019 / Prices per person in EUR


Price Time
Baths without additives
whirlpool, whirling, saturated
12 20 min.
Baths with additives and extracts
Baldrian, hops, rosemary and others
14 20 min.
Whirlpool baths with additives
lavender, lemongrass, mint, peat extract minerals
14 20 min.
Additive baths with salt
Natural Dead Sea Magnesium live, Himalaya
14 20 min.


Price Time
Classical massage - partial or whole body
Relaxes muscle tension and induces harmony.
12 20 min.
24 50 min.
Aroma massage - partial or whole body
Deliver maximum relaxation.
13 20 min.
26 50 min.
Honey Detoxication Massage
The healing power of honey to pick up old debris and toxins deep from the body.
18 20 min.
26 50 min.
Hot stone massage - partial or whole body
Beneficial effect on tired and sore muscles, joints, back and neck.
22 40 min.
40 75 min.
Chocolate massge total 44

90 min.
Anti-cellulite massage with wrap 40 75 min.


Price Time
Peat wrap - partial
Leaves on the skin is softening and antibacterial effect.
8 20 min.
Dynaterm wrap - partial
The warm pad is applied to the selected location, usually back or neck.
6 20 min.
Affecting blood flow and function of the lymphatic system.
12 20 min.
Pressotherapy + wrap 24 40 min.

Javanese massage

Price Time
Foot Reflexology
Relaxed muscles and psychological and physical stress reduced.
20 30 min.
34 60 min.
Javanese Massage - partial or whole body
Gets the body and mind into a state of perfect harmony. 
22 30 min.
42 60 min.
56 90 min.
74 120 min.
Massage Sumatra
Unique in the release of stress, helps against insomnia. 
42 60 min.
Massage Borneo
Helps effectively against cellulite and makes the body stronger.
42 60 min.
Hawaiian Massage
Brings harmony to the body and stimulates blood circulation. 
42  60 min.
Thai oil massage
Relaxes the muscles and has a positive effect on the circulatory and immune system.
42 60 min.
Therapy with volcanic rocks
Heat energy flows in the body and relieve muscle stiffness wonderfully. 
48 90 min.


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